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Property investment workshops

Being property investors ourselves, the team at Oxygen know how hard that first step is...

We also understand everyone is so time poor making a living; they fail to prioritise the "importance" or, "belief" that allocating any time to find out how residential property investment may actually benefit them...

Without allocating substantial "quality" time to reading books, or attend a lengthy (and often expensive) 'boot camp' seminar on how to invest in property, usually will result in no action ever being taken...

Buying the family home "one day" seems to be the compromise...

  • "Educating yourself will deliver results in whatever you do;
    financial education is about knowing what is good debt and what is bad debt".

  • (Robert Kiyosaki author "Rich Dad - Poor Dad")

Understanding how residential property can benefit you, really isn't that difficult and everyone prepared to set aside the small amount of time and take that first step will prosper!

Just take a moment and honestly think about this statement;

We admire successful people but never seem to take the time to find out "how" they did it, or "even" if it's possible to replicate it. We appear to live in a society that merely "speculates on someone's success" and then usually just write it off as pure "LUCK"

  • "There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult"...

  • (Warren Buffett - Billionaire, Entrepreneur)

At Oxygen Property we have taken over 20 years of property investment learning and condensed it into informative and easy to understand 60 - 90 minute information seminars for you.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Why Residential Property
  • Why the Residential Market will continue to increase in value
  • Where to Invest & Why
  • How to buy investment property using equity alone
  • How to get additional rent than similar properties
  • How to save thousands of dollars in stamp duty
  • How to get the right loan
  • How to create & implement a strategic plan

Here are just a few comments from past attendees:

"Very informative, can see that the team at Oxygen have a lot of knowledge and experience. Did not feel anything was being sold and all knowledge seemed valid." D. Albanese- Noranda WA

"Real life examples were used and presented in easy to understand language. I will definitely refer family and friends to the workshops." N. Getsos - St Kilda West Vic

"By attending the Oxygen Property workshop I literally saved thousands of dollars in stamp duty just by learning how to purchase through split contracts." J. Kucic - Melton Vic

"My wife and I are accumulating knowledge everyday and what we gained here was great to further increase this. Hopefully, helping us to reach our goal of being financially independent through property investment sooner." M. Mahoney - Nth Fremantle WA

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